Stakeholder Identification

The major stakeholders of WT Microelectronics consist of the Vendor / Upstream Supplier, Customer, Shareholder/ Investor/ Bank, Media, Employee, Supplier / Outsourcer,Government Institution / Competent Authority, and Community / NGO.

Communication and Relationship Management with Stakeholders

To fulfill our corporate social responsibility, WT Microelectronics shall pay attention to stakeholder rights and interests. In addition to the pursuit of sustainable operation and profit, we also take care of environmental, social, and company governance issues. Moreover, we include these issues in all management policies and operational activities for sustainable operations.
Through the following platform, which maintains excellent relations and communication with stakeholders, WT Microelectronics can gather their expectations and demands. Whether external or internal issues, such as the economic, social, or environmental questions, complaints, or suggestions, we will handle them appropriately based on our good-faith principle and provide feedback or improvement solutions for effective communication. We report stakeholder communication situation to Board of Director every year. The following is Year 2020 stakeholder communication that we report to Board of Director on 5th November 2021.


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Stakeholders Contacts: Ms. Ling   (886)2-8226-9088 ext: 8906