The announcement from chairman published in WT 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

I followed the same messages from WT 2020 Annual Report, at the beginning of WT 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report. At the same time, I also sincerely believe that the public health crisis of COVID-19 will also be accompanied by a new opportunity, stay safe and stay strong.

First of all, I will report the key summary to you again from the message from WT 2020 Annual Report.

5.36% Y-o-Y Revenue Growth in 2020

The Group's net consolidated operating revenue in 2020 was NT$353,152,195,000, a 5.36% growth compared with NT$335,187,151,000 in 2019. With the coronavirus accelerating digitization and boosting the stay-at-home economy, the growth momentum in 2020 was mainly driven by computer products such as data centers and laptop computers.

The Group's Future Development Strategy

In order to cope with the global industrial division of labor, improve overall competitiveness, and continue to increase the return on working capital and the return on equity, the Group's positioning strategies in Asia Pacific and emerging markets include the following: first, focusing on the Group's long-term development, introducing new product lines, entering new application areas in a timely manner, and adapting to industry demands and technology trends; second, strengthening the mix of customers, product lines, and market applications to reduce the risk of being affected by changes in a single factor; third, increase the value added to upstream vendors and downstream customers; and fourth, integrate resources of different parties through mergers and acquisitions to generate synergistic effects that will reduce operating costs and gain economies of scale.

Support of all stakeholders

The Group aims to become an international professional semiconductor components distributor, as well as to build a comprehensive service network in the pan-Asia Pacific region and emerging regions through a comprehensive business marketing system. We will continue to pursue the best interests of shareholders, employees, and customers with the support of all employees and shareholders.

Plan to sustainable policies following the global ESG trends

We have been planning to build sustainable policies following the global ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) trends.

COVID-19 crisis and opportunities approaching

At the time of the official release of this report, Taiwan's operating bases are facing severe COVID-19 challenges. From May 17, 2021, all operating bases in Taiwan will implement (1) Ability to stagger employee shifts, (2) Work from Home (WFH).

This public health emergency crisis reminds us that the world is a vibrant place, closely connected and always presenting new challenges to mankind. I hope that we can remain optimistic in this process and find out opportunities there.

Optimize information and data transparency year of year

One of our specific actions is transparency in reporting is essential in demonstrating our commitment to ethical business practices and respect for people and the planet. I hope staying optimistic and responding positively.

Meanwhile, we have seen the COVID-19 accelerating digital transformation for everyone and any of corporations around the world. It includes remote work, social media, mobile industry and cloud computing. As a leading professional semiconductor distribution service provider, WT has successfully positioned itself as a pivotal liaison, bridging upstream and downstream partners, it is also one of our important social responsibilities.

Achieve the sustainable​ ​commitment for the planet

Forethemore, I have made a long-term commitment to the environment with WT. This commitment has always been our unwavering belief in the face of climate change. We are not echoing the Paris Agreement, we will also implement the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) by 2023 to Increase transparent and sustainable information performance year by year.

We must remain diligent in our fight against COVID-19 and keep our sustainable progress in environment, society and governance. We will continue to be pioneering for fulfilling our sustainable commitment to being responsible for the planet.

Eric Cheng

WT Microelectronics Co., Ltd.

Jun 1st, 2021

Before the release of the report as of May 2021, Taiwan is facing the most severe period of COVID-19. At this moment, we are reposting the image taken in March 2020 representing WT highest governance body led all colleagues to fight the pandemic. From left to right, Chief Marketing Officer Jack Yang, Chief Legal Officer Sophia Tseng, General Manager, Taiwan Rick Chang, Chairman Eric Cheng, Chief Group Business Operations Officer Tim Wu, Executive Director Kerry Hsu, Chief Application Officer Willie Sun, Chief Finance Officer Cheryl Yang and Chief Human Resource Officer SY Chang.